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Dylan Voerman, Fashion Photographer based in Bangkok:


Santika PDF Print E-mail
31 December 2008 should have been the last day for Santika, because the lease contract ended.
During the countdown everybody was given fire sparkles. Due to an accident the decoration got on fire and the rest is history.
Personally I have been many times to Santika and i know a lot of people there. I have always thought that Santika was a save club, very spacious, high roof and options to escape. Guess we should never underestimate in what speed fire and smoke develops.
My deepest condolences go out to the family of the unfortunately people that died in the fire. I hope the deadly victims rest in peace. I wish all the injured strength and good recovery.

The ironic part is that one week ago I warned two friends of mine not to go to the Nightclub below the Windsor Hotel, because that place is so dangerous. I hope Thai Government will make a strong move to enforce public safety. If not, maybe we should start giving safety rankings ourself. Dear clubowners, please evaluate your own safety. The owners of Santika will have a big problem, since they might face jailtime and the insurance ended one months ago already.
This is a sad moment, please learn and always take your safety serious.

Dylan Voerman

For more info, please visit Facebook: Santika Club Tragedy Notice Board

Santika BangkokSantika is one of Bangkok biggest mainstream spot, divided into two clubs. The Big Room and a small club behind Santika named Coloc. Both with a mix of expats, but mainly jong Thais.
The moment you walk into The Big Room you feel like walking into a Church. On the wall hangs a big cross and the stage has strong "ornaments" reaching the 1,000 feet high ceiling. The Big room has a stage where the live band is playing anything from Rock to Hip Hop. When the band has done there thing, the DJ takes over to spin populair Hip Hop Tunes.
In the small club Coloc, the DJ's spins some mad hip-hop.

web: www.santikaclub.com

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