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Dylan Voerman, Fashion Photographer based in Bangkok:

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These are answers to some of the most common questions asked about Thailand.

What is the capital?

How long does it take to get to there from UK?
Approx. 12 hours direct

What is the local currency?
Thai Baht

Are inoculations compulsory?
Nothing compulsory for Thailand unless travelling near the boarders. Precautions against Malaria and Hepatitis B/typhoid vaccinations are recommended if you plan on travelling onwards to Northern Thailand. Always consult your local GP before travelling.

Do they speak English?
English is widely spoken and is the country's second official language.

How many airlines fly direct to Thailand from London?
Four including EVA Air, British Airways, Thai Airways and Qantas

What is the word for hello in Thai?
Sawasdee (pronounced sa-wad-dee)

What is the biggest island?

What side of the road do the Thai's drive on?
Same as UK

How much does it cost to get a taxi from Bangkok Airport to the city centre?
�10 approx.

How much does a meal for two cost in a local restaurant?
Between �8-�10 for two people

When is the best time to travel?
Nov-Mar for Thailand in general however, the best time to visit Samui is June-Sept

Do you need a visa?
Only if staying over 30 days, contact the Thai Embassy. For visa application forms please click here.

Where was The Beach filmed?
Maya Bay, off Phi Phi

How long does it take to travel between Bangkok and...

Hua Hin - approx. 2/3 hours by road
Pattaya - approx. 2 hours by road
Phuket - approx. 1 hour by air
Samui - approx. 1 hour by air
Chiang Mai - approx. 1 hour by air

99% of all Thai's are Buddhist

Where can I get a tailor-made suit made?
We count it as a personal mission to check out the quality of tailoring in Bangkok as much as possible. Bangkok is famous for excelent tailors and low prices ( guess 80% cheaper then US tailors) and there are so many to choise from. Finding a good tailor is always a hit-and-miss thing.
Therefore we searched long and hard for a tried-and-tested tailor in Bangkok.
Give yourself at least a week if possible to have as many fittings done as possible. Our tailor will come to the hotel for the extra fittings.

Reputable gems and jewellery?
Always look for the Jewel Fest Club stamp of approval when purchasing any gems or jewellery. Or have your jewellery tailor made, contact u for bangkok's jellwery makers.

Will my electrical appliances work in Thailand?
The electric current in Thailand is 220 Volts AC (50 cycles) throughout the country. Travellers with electric shavers, tape recorders and other appliances are encourage to purchase a 110-volt transformer.

Is it customary to tip while I'm in Thailand?
It is commonplace to tip porters and hotel personnel who provide good service. As a guideline 10-15% tip is acceptable.

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