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Dylan Voerman, Fashion Photographer based in Bangkok:

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A restaurant like no other..
Not many restaurants greet you with: "Take off your shoes and get into bed." But the Bed
Supperclub in Bangkok is no ordinary eatery. From the outside it's a cross between a hightech
sausage roll and an alien spacecraft. Inside, the all-white, futuristic decor merges Stanley Kubrick with an exotic Hugh Hefner fantasy.
Conventional tables and chairs may have their place – but not at Bed Supperclub restaurant. At Bed, with
large mattresses and oversized pillows, we invite our guests to open their minds and sharpen
their senses. Why? We want to encourage them to interact among themselves in a thoughtstimulating environment. It’s a contemporary attitude with a sophisticated sense of modernity and freedom.
We serve generous and audacious cuisine. Characterized by a multi-influenced western
hominess tuned to the Asian palates, comfortable and exotic, distinctively delightful, in a high
quality and above all, surprising environment.
Sunday through Thursday three-course meals are served. Guests are able to watch the food
being prepared in the open kitchen, which serves as part of the show. DJs line-up at the
decks installed on the floor/stage, soundscaping the evening with contemporary, sexy
electronic music. The beat goes up and up as the midnight hour approaches. Our staff,
friendly and focused, are there to ensure that our guest’s experience is not spoiled by any
inappropriate events.

And at weekends?
On Fridays and Saturdays something special takes place: we play host to the superlative
dining and entertainment experience. Our aim is not just to feed or entertain our guests, but
also to engage them in as many ways as possible. Diners are requested to arrive by 20:30
sharp – There is only one sitting for a special surprise four-course menu that will be served up
along with a scripted series of performances. Perhaps it will be a singing act or a
choreographed modern dance act. Maybe it will be something else, street performance, a
fashion show or just a conceptual art thing. The fact that dinner starts at a precise moment
adds to the theatrical dimension of the evening. We conceive our acts like courses. In other
words, we stage the soup, the salad, the main course and the dessert.
Our award-winning Master Chef Dan Ivarie operates the Bed Supperclub kitchen and designs
the menus. We are confident that you will experience some of the most innovative, best
quality cuisine available anywhere in the world along with cutting-edge entertainment.

Themes and uniforms at bed supperclub
We plan a new theme every three weeks. What gives us a distinctive edge on other Bangkok
venues is the contribution of a full-time team of curators, production designers and stylists.
We approach the production of our acts with the methodology of events organizers.

after 10 pm the restaurant becomes a nightclub, see more in or club section

web: www.bedsupperclub.com

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